Is Social Media Worth the Time and Effort?

    By Brent Pohlman | Small Business

    Is Social Media Worth the Time and Effort? image ID 10019201Is Social Media Worth the Time and Effort?My answer might surprise you a bit. My answer is no. Social media is not worth the time and effort. You can work hard and engage on social media and brink up your follower counts, but that effort will not turn into $$ unless you are some type of celebrity like Warren Buffet, who already had $$ before he came on to twitter. (Tweets = 4 , Followers 672,152). You can try automated programs to build up your numbers and I know several people who have over 100,000+ followers, but ask them how many new clients they have brought in and how much money they are making from these followers.

    Now let’s change the question a bit, “Is social media worth the time and effort if it is integrated with other marketing channels?” The answer is yes!

    Integration of social media with other marketing brings everything together.

    Social Media and your website

    Make sure you direct people from social media to your website and make your website client friendly. Make sure you post different ways for people to get a hold of you. A contact us page, online promotions, online forms. Make sure people know who the CEO is and provide bios of your executive team.

    Social Media and your social media profile

    Make sure to provide email, phone and website information on your social media profile. I have more people contact me by phone and email from my Linkedin profile page than any other social media platform. If you are not willing to share this information, don’t be surprised if your Linkedin profile does not have this information on it, then why are you on Linkedin?

    Social Media and your blog -(content marketing)

    This is where it all starts. You need to start conversations and give people valuable information. A company website cannot do it alone. If you do not have a blog, you are going to have a rough time.

    Social Media and your work schedule

    Work on the items that make a difference at your company. Spend time maintaining your service and developing ways to meet client needs. (This should be your priority) Social media is a way to get that message out to people and to seek people’s input on your products and services.

    Social Media and Your Education

    You need to continue learning about how social media can make a difference in your company. The best way is to read and stay current on the latest trends. Make sure you discern what you are reading. Test ideas and if you find something that works, “Great!”. This is where the real fun comes in.

    Think of Social Media as a means to an end. Actually by doing less, you will see more because you will be so busy in the other areas, you will post great information as a result of your efforts. People want to engage with interesting people. If you are integrating social into your regular work, you are already making the step to be interesting. If you are staring at a site like Twitter and trying to come up with a unique 140 character phrase, you might be wasting your time.

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