How Social Media is Used For Market Research

Research using Social Media is by its very nature, difficult to pin down. First of all what and how do you use a control group? Professionals have always had the problem of a control group versus a naturally occurring environment, the natural one always being the best for more accurate measurement. The problem is, of course like any natural environment, they are always the hardest to measure.

Television and radio are good places to start and provide the most natural way to find targets for marketing tools. How popular these shows are and what people like about them will always show up on Facebook and other social media sites. People discuss them all the time, and blogs are becoming more and more popular as people read them more and even create their own.

There are always emails and dare I day, ‘wright ins’ after each of these shows, whether they are the ‘drama’ variety or are perhaps even decorating, home repair, contracting, fashion shows, and list goes on and on.

Shows on rehabilitation and home upkeep are popular because people are intrigued about how easy it is to make repairs and upgrades to their homes. Even if you don’t own your home, some emergency repairs may occur infrequently, and its good to know that new products make this more easily done.

All these new shows help for the public to see new products that aren’t so expensive being used in new ways, and the internet helps to find these things either at your local store or online.

Real experiences help to create response on Facebook and other social sites where their friends reside, thus sharing these things in real time. This kind of research is priceless, because you are following these marketing trends as they develop.

Cooking shows generate discussions about food products, and appliances that can be followed just as well in the same manner. Even sit-coms generate discussions about products and services as a spinoff of their work.

Radio shows generate discussions about guns, politics, and sports After listening to these shows, men and women all over the country use blogs, and social media to communicate what they think. For more than twenty years, email has been used in remote areas of the country for communication, and reflect the needs of rural America in ways that only this social media can do. That is probably why the largest retail sports company has grown so quickly because it was a market that other retailers never even thought about. These radio shows stimulated discussion about hunting, fishing and even travel. It even included clothing and equipment that is now a really big industry.

The problem about these social media is that since marketing groups have become aware of their importance, it has been corrupted to some extent. One is never certain about how accurate these blogs and websites are because they have been corrupted to some extent by companies trying to control the social environment. It is still a viable way to do research, however because it is ‘live’, and current data.

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