Social Media Marketing: Big Picture Review

    By Brent Pohlman | Small Business

    Social Media Marketing: Big Picture Review image ID 100172662Social Media Marketing: Big Picture ReviewOver the past five years I have worked to build a following both personally and professionally through social media. I am now starting to see a huge trend that I did not think I would see in 2013. This trend has me really excited about the direction I am headed in with respect to integrating all channels of marketing.

    I am seeing fewer visitors and page views to my websites in 2013 compared to 2012. Now most people would be alarmed by this report. The truth is I could not be happier, because the number of accounts my company is opening per day is up substantially over last year as well as the number of phone calls and inquiries. This information tells me a few things:

    • I am connecting with consumers: B2B and B2C
    • I am seeing more return visitors in 2013 as compared to 2012. This is much more healthy than having all new visitors.
    • People are finding us across different channels: search, word-of-mouth, referral, repeat business, social media, brochures, sales representatives and other businesses

    I really credit content marketing with a lot of this success. Blogging is important from an online perspective, but if you can also use content marketing to build better brochures and publications to get your story out, the results show that people will find you. Companies must be able to communicate their message using different channels and platforms.

    Again, I think all of this is really exciting news and points to the need to work at keeping your information fresh at all times. People are hungry for good, quality information that offers value to them. In addition, this information shows me that people are serious about purchasing goods and services and have already done their research. Since this is the case, we as marketers must make it easy for these people to access our information and ultimately purchase our products/services.

    Are you seeing similar results with your marketing efforts? I wanted to share this information because often times we get stuck on certain metrics like follower counts and likes and really, we should be looking at the bigger picture and if we do that we might see the numbers in a whole new way.

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