Social Media Marketing: Back to Basics

    By Patti Schwartz | Small Business

    Social Media Marketing: Back to Basics image imagesqtbnANd9GcRUnfzwjQbDJmn5sxUy55XDxEF4dN7KrOABIYUW5biNNGfKmz MTwSocial Media Marketing: Back to BasicsAfter a week of endless one on one conversations defending social media as being more than just fluff and frivolity; the following post came across my news feed from a local area small business:

     ”I am tired of marketing. What ever happened to just guilting people into showing up? Or perhaps straight forward begging?” 

    It is a very telling statement when it comes to local businesses and organizations trying to master social media marketing. Anyone involved with social media marketing must realize:

    • not everything you post is going to work as you planned;
    • it is not a quick fix but a slow deliberate process;
    • you need to be able to find the perfect balance of being social and simply advertising.

    All too often, people are quick to knock the benefits social media marketing can bring to their organization or business.  Unfortunately, it is more of a matter of not understanding the process involved.

    1. Once you have determined the idea, product or cause you want to promote, it may take several different attempts to get the response you were hoping for.  What may have looked good on paper, may not necessarily translate well on the various social media platforms.

    2. Social media marketing does not provide a quick fix.  There is a good deal of trial and error involved.  You need to be able to interpret the statistics provided by the different platforms regarding your posts.  For example, take time to analyze the Facebook page insight numbers.  A page manager will be able to determine what posts are working and what aren’t.  You also need to be able to anticipate your followers’ reactions and, of course, tolerance for continual posts by your social media manager.

    3. Social media marketing has its roots in advertising; however, there needs to be a balance between the advertising and the social aspect.  Continuously posting promotional content without engaging with your followers is a recipe for disaster.  Many times you will see a brand or company posting 10-20 times a day without any engagement on their part.  Eventually, the follower numbers are going to drop as will the contact you end up having in the “real” world with these potential customers/supporters.

    None of what I have said is new or innovative.  Mainly it is plain common sense.  For some odd reason, though, because it is social media marketing as opposed to traditional marketing; many are not able to make the connection.

    Basically, mix it up; keep it fresh; and if it is works, don’t try to fix it; and if it is not working, find out why.  One of the best way to do that is to ask your followers directly.  You would be surprised how astute many of them are; and it truly makes it a social experience.

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