New Social Media Law in the Works

New Social Media Law in the Works image Screen shot 2013 05 13 at 9.58.01 AM 300x260New Social Media Law in the WorksYou know how, before a mob hit, it’s crunch time and no one will pick up their burner phones, and it’s just easier to send a Facebook message? Well thanks to an upcoming law, the above could count as an additional charge on your permanent record. The legislation, which is yet to be named, will make it illegal to conspire toward unlawful activities online; this includes the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

After a number of “high profile incidents,” such as teenagers using Twitter to join forces against law enforcement officers, representatives decided to take action toward this growing trend. If passed, those who use social media, texting, or emails to organize a “mob attack” can receive a harsher sentence/punishment by the law. While, ultimately, sentencing is still up to the judge, Rep. Mitchell of Chicago, a key sponsor, said the change will allow law enforcement to stay on par with changing technology.

In other words, no one would see a technicality just because they communicated through the interweb.

What it Means?

If caught, this could mean a whole new world of jail time for tech-savvy mobsters … or teenagers with a tendency to plan out their misdemeanors online. It’s likely such interactions will be deleted, but with platforms such as Facebook’s, which keeps a copy of every message sent, it’s likely a set can still be located.

With social media sites’ permission, this could also mean tracking down illegal disturbances before they even take place. (Though there’s no word as to whether or not social media companies are on board.)

Criminals, beware. As new technologies are put into use, legislators are cracking down. Be sure to keep your social media profiles clean to avoid these upcoming punishments – or better yet, just nix the life of crime altogether.

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