Social Media’s Effect on Language

    By Carolyn Cohn | Small Business

    Social Media’s Effect on Language image social media 11Social Media’s Effect on LanguageTechnology has done a great deal to change what we came to rely upon. The tools available are incredible but it has also changes communication. Social media has had a tremendous effect on the English language and how we communicate.

    The many voices of social media

    Technology has a great deal to say about how we communicate with each other online. Twitter only allows tweets of 140 characters or less. The use of acronyms has gone through the roof. Acronyms are not only used in personal communications but are also used in online business interactions. The way in which people relate to each other has changed dramatically. Social media plays a significant role in how we communicate as well as the new words that are being introduced on a very regular basis. This emerging manner of communicating affects many different people and marketers are among those most affected because of how essential their communications skills are. For adults, it is easy enough to learn new terms. For younger people, the influence that online language has on them can be sensitive.

    The importance of language to marketers

    It is important for marketers to learn from the language evolution and glean information that will help them to advance from a business perspective. There is a strategy to be had and if marketers can recognize how to leverage it, a great deal can be gained from taking advantage of the new communication. Marketers can use the knowledge that they gain to increase business.

    Reaching out and testing new waters

    Marketers can start to communicate with new terminology that is quickly becoming a part of everyone’s vocabulary. With social media interactions, it is very important to stay on the cutting edge as much as possible. It is important to eventually achieve a position of influence and you will want people to regard you as such.

    The ever-evolving language

    When it comes to social media, so much is changing on a regular basis. That includes technology and means of communications. Not only is everything evolving but it is evolving at a very rapid pace. Having dialogues through social media can really give marketers an edge that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Just like all business people, marketers need to keep up.

    Staying engaged

    Using social media to bring about new ideas and new means of communication is a very effective approach for marketers to take. A lot of people who drive business are young and the evolving language is a large part of their everyday practice. If marketers are going to gain the edge, they need to speak the same language.


    Social media will be around for a very long time. It is important to realize that you have to adapt to the evolution and keep up with all of the new technologies and language that are being offered. If you don’t, it will be like the Tower of Babel. Everyone will be speaking but nobody will be speaking a common language. Language is alive and keeping an open mind about letting new concepts and new words in to be a part of it is generally an intelligent thing to do.

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