With Social Interactions Think Assertion, Not Visibility

If you were to divide the usage of world wide social media by the type of industry and rank them from lowest to highest, there’s little doubt that consumer facing industries will bunch up towards the high end of the scale. Social media engagement practices are now so commonplace among brands that users (and I am no different in this regard) often seek out their social channels and read through what kind of updates does that brand post. As a social media user what type of updates do you most like to see from your favorite brand?

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Industry verticals like hospitality, online retail, airlines, travel and such have found new ways through social media to stay present among their customer base. If a brand’s social channel is frequently updated with fresh content, content that’s likely to appeal their target audience, it certainly drives up their brand recall value.

For brands across the spectrum, from small lifestyle businesses all the way to enterprises and digital agencies, social media is no more only about maximizing their visibility but also asserting their presence. The assertion is, “yes we are here and we can’t wait to talk to you!”

The challenge in this assertion comes from the nature of conversations between a brand and a customer, which no matter how casual and friendly it gets, is not like that between two friends ribbing each other on Twitter. Behind every uber cool brand channel is an efficient social media team or individual, keeping up with the demands of their customers. To a customer interacting with the brand’s human face this team, this well-oiled machine, is invisible but to the brand this machine has to run smooth 24/7!

A good machine or system, among other things, has one defining characteristic and that is the ability to work in tandem with the brand’s customer service process, be it for marketing or sales or support or anything else. There is no one size fits all when it comes to customer process; for example the processes followed in e-commerce can’t be blindly applied to the banking industry and vice versa.

In this series we will focus on a few industry verticals like online retail, airlines, banking, travel & hospitality, and discuss the commonalities and differences from a customer service standpoint and how technology makes a difference.

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