Social app puts bad habits to good use

    By Tom | Small Business


    Bad habits are not only detrimental to the people that are chained to them, but can also be annoying for others. Acting as a digital swear jar, a new app from Romania — Social Rehub — collects money every time users blaspheme, or commit any other bad habit decided by their friends.

    Multiple users can set up their own group of friends or colleagues who participate in the tip jar. Each individual can then be assigned a bad habit their friends get annoyed by — whether it’s swearing, smoking, biting fingernails or being late. Every time a friend catches a user transgressing, their tally goes up and they must pay the amount set by the group. The app also enables friends to snap a photo of the incident as proof. The collected money can then either be used to fund group nights out or sent to charity.

    Currently available for free on iOS devices, with an Android version on the way, Social Rehub makes swear jars more fun and social. Could an app like this actually work to curb users’ bad habits?


    Spotted by Peter Irwin, written by Springwise

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