Sneaky Ways To Boost Web Traffic

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You want more traffic. Who doesn’t? The problem is that, sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to pull off. The first thing you need is good content. That’s pretty much a given, right? Wrong. Content is king, but only if it’s relevant content. What’s relevant content? It’s content that inspires people to click through to your website. You can’t pay people to write boring “how to” articles for you anymore. Spun content is out. Even snoozer content that contains unique information or first-hand research won’t work. Nope. What you need – sometimes – is to be sneaky.

Get Wiki Links

Wikipedia is a great source for traffic, if you can get your links to stick. How do you do that? You set up a website that’s purely research-focused. No ads, no offers. Nothing like that. Pure information. You don’t need to make it a huge website, but a credible one. A nice secondary link back to your flagship site might be nice too, as long as the link is well-placed alongside other authority sites in your niche.

Some topics on Wikipedia will turn a fire hose of traffic onto your site. Topics that deal with life insurance, for example, are great. Dogs are another hot category. Articles on Wikipedia that naturally appeal to desperate markets also work well for this kind of thing. Think about topics that would embarrass most people: personal hygiene topics. Money topics. Topics that naturally have enthusiasts that have a drug-like addiction to their hobby or sport (i.e. golfers, poker players, etc.).

Here’s the tricky part. You have to add something of incredible value to Wikipedia and you have to build up your reputation over time there. You have to be seen as a trustworthy editor. Once you’ve made numerous non-self-serving edits on Wikipedia, perhaps you rewrite a page on the site or make substantial edits to a page. Then, you drop your link. Then, monitor your target pages for any changes. Watch the magic happen. Free traffic for life.

Post Radical Videos

Your videos can’t put people to sleep like half of the videos on YouTube. You have to say something truly controversial. Pick an angle on a topic that’s sure to raise someone’s ire. Then, create a video about that topic. If you have to, pay a few of your friends to promote it via social media. If it’s truly controversial, it’s going to spread like wildfire.

Answer Questions on Blogs and Social Networks

Be helpful. Really helpful. Yahoo answers used to be an excellent place to answer questions. LinkedIn is another good place. When you provide a meaningful, detailed, answer to someone’s question, drop a link to a relevant page on your site. For example, let’s say you’re answering a question on LinkedIn   about how to market on Facebook (which is darn-near impossible to do). You answer the questioner with a long and detailed response, provide reasons for your advice, and then link back to your site. The link isn’t a link to the homepage. It’s a link to a page that gives even more information about Facebook marketing.

How many visits will you get from this? Maybe only a few per week. Maybe only a few per month. But it’s steady traffic, and guess what? You can answer as many questions as you like. It will only increase the traffic.

Publish Articles

Publishing articles on article directories is a little dated. Google doesn’t favor those sites like it used to, and it’s not really something you want to hang your hat on. Here’s a better idea: write for publications in your industry. Yes, trade publications. Better yet, write for trade publications filled with your ideal customers. If those publications have a print edition, consider getting published there. Even though it’s print, it can still drive traffic to your site if you’re allowed to put your website in your author’s bio.

Use Little-Known PR Outlets

Most people are familiar with PRWeb. What about URLwire? URLwire is a service run by Eric Ward. He is about the whitest white hat link builder you’ll ever meet. He will send out press releases to his own private list. That private list has asked to receive good quality content. The key word being “quality.” If you have nothing newsworthy to say, and no good content on your site, don’t even bother. If you’re a legitimate business, this could unleash a tidal-wave of traffic onto your site.

What about you? What sneaky traffic ideas have you used in the past to boost your web traffic?

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