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SMS marketing has become a powerful medium for communication in higher learning institutions including universities.  This new form of communication has found its popularity at a variety of such institutions across the world. This article discusses different ways SMS mobile marketing is handy for keeping professors, students, administrative staff, researchers, and lecturers up to date with any relevant university information and news. First, let’s examine what mobile marketing actually is.

Mobile marketing is a form of communication taking place with the help of a mobile device. Most people think of smartphones, however, mobile marketing doesn’t apply to these devices alone. In fact, an individual can receive messages on any type of mobile device or phone.

Mobile marketing entails building a large database of mobile phone numbers for students and staff which helps to contact almost the entire campus at one time. Since messages are transmitted instantly, it makes it possible to reach individuals in an instant. According,, 95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes and a total read rate of almost 99%. Mobile marketing is an affordable means for institutions such as universities that have to communicate with a huge number of students quickly.

How to use Mobile Marketing

There are a plethora of ways in which mobile marketing can be used to the advantage of a university small or large. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways in which a university can use mobile marketing.

Updating students on changing class schedules and timings through sending texts helps to keep the students informed and also saves a lot time since these messages are usually sent as multiple texts.

If there is an emergency at the campus, the best way to immediately alert all the staff, researchers, professors and students is by alerting them through SMS. This helps to alert them on any emergency closure of the institution due to accidents, snow, or any other tragedy that could occur, and it provides this information in real time on their mobile device.

Even in cases of security violations such as identification of a shooter at the campus or a suspicious character, multiple text messaging becomes an important communication medium that will keep each and every student at the facility safe and secure.

In case of events, faculty open days, or cultural weeks scheduled at the university, the easiest way to get students and all concerned informed of what is going without them having to run around is through the use of short messaging services.

Instead of using emails plus bulletin boards to keep staff and faculty up to date on current news or information, use of SMS becomes ideal especially because those who receive the message can also forward it to their students, if it is applicable to them. The manners of using SMS marketing are tremendous and beneficial in so many ways as you can certainly see.

Universities can use text messaging to alert students about any sudden changes in weather and even status of available parking spots at the campus on an hour by hour basis. It can also be used to alert students of deadlines such as those concerned with enrollment, assignments, graduation, returning books or other projects.

In addition, the best way to remind students about extracurricular activities such as sporting events, concerts, club meetings and any other type of on-campus specific meetings is through mobile messaging. It is quick, easy and affordable and reaches more students in a set period of time. It is faster than any other form of marketing out there without question.

Students can also use the mobile messaging as a medium for student to interact between themselves as need arises. This is also an important platform where students and lecturers can also easily exchange information.

There is nothing quite like SMS marketing for a university. You can see the many benefits as well as how easy it is to benefit your facility with the help of mobile marketing.

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