Smartphones: They Run Our Lives…And Wallets

    By Shelly Dutton | Small Business

    As a mom of three kids, I am always taking my kids somewhere. Karate. Gymnastics. Band practice. Art club. Toddler tumbling. Doctor appointments – and the occasional emergency orthodontist Smartphones: They Run Our Lives…And Wallets image shutterstock 88464283Smartphones: They Run Our Lives…And Walletstrip. Every week, I’m there. And so are countless other moms…fully engaged with their smartphones.

    We’ve all seen it. Now, I’m not saying that this fascination with our smartphones is right. Believe me, it breaks my heart whenever I see a child vying for the attention of his mother who’s obviously more interested in her Facebook status than the fact that the kid is covered in mud. But this seems to be the reality for many. And it’s just not parents. It’s everyone of all ages – or in the case of my household, from the ages of 21 months (thanks to the Disney Junior app) to my youthful 25 (plus 15) years.

    And I’m not alone in my personal finding. According to SAP’s latest mobile consumer survey, it was found worldwide that:

    • 79% either make or receive calls on their mobile phone daily
    • 62% either send or receive texts on a daily basis
    • 62% rely on their smartphones to help manage their lifestyle
    • 50% use their smartphones to access the Internet every day
    • 32% have purchased products or services over the last 12 months via their mobile phone

    And who can blame us? With a library of mobile apps at your fingertips 24×7, it’s all too simple to find tools that can help you pay the bills, entertain the kids and yourself, and manage a calendar at any one moment. In fact, consumers cited in the survey that 24×7 access (51%), on-the-go use (51%), convenience (50%), and speed (50%) as the main benefits of communicating and transacting with service providers through a mobile phone.

    What’s next for mobile consumers?

    Marketers and mobile providers have all taken notice of our global reliance on smartphones. They know as long as smartphones and apps are easy to use and provide value, we’ll keep using them and possibly even expand how we apply the technology into our personal and work life.

    For example, there has been much buzz about mobile payments lately. And for good reason.

    According to the SAP survey, 82% of users want to purchase goods and services through their mobile devices in the future. But many feel transactional activities, such as paying a bill or banking, are too difficult to conduct on mobile devices right now.

    That’s where technologies, such as the mobile wallet, comes in to play. By streamlining the transactional process, the technology makes users feel secure enough to pay bills (54%), buy goods online (51%) check their bank balance (50%), and exchange money between bank accounts (47%) – all with the convenience of their smartphones.

    What do you think? Do you think mobile purchasing (especially the mobile wallet) will ever be adopted by the general smartphone community and change how we shop? Discuss below!

    And while we are at it, check out The Mobile Consumer survey infographic below. Do you agree with these findings? Do any of them surprise you?

    Smartphones: They Run Our Lives…And Wallets image sapmobileconsumerinfographic v2 620x8771SAP_MobileConsumerInfoGraphic

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