Smartphones as Business Partners

Smartphones as Business Partners  image CPA smartphone 300x200Smartphones as Business Partners Owning and operating a business is truly a daunting task. You have to balance everything, or else there is a risk that the business will go down. As we all know, communication is a very important part of society, and it is very important in business as well. It enables businesses to contact potential clients and vice versa. A good communication process between a company and a client is a sure way to increase profit. Efficiency is enhanced by using good and cheap communication methods, such as VoIP and other Internet based communication technologies. One way to further enhance business related communication is by using handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. Smartphones are very portable and convenient to use. They are faster version of older mobile phones, which exhibit faster processor speed and larger RAM and storage space. They are also capable of connecting to the Internet, just like desktop and laptop computers do. Basic functionalities of computers can be done using smartphones like surfing the Internet, preparing spreadsheets and presentations, and editing files and documents. These tasks are considered vital while running a business of your own. All of these tasks are possible now while on the go, as you can bring your hand held devices virtually anywhere. Here are some of the benefits of using smartphones on your business endeavors.


As stated above, hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets are very portable due to its small size and weight. You can put it inside your pocket or travel bag and bring it virtually everywhere. Since it can connect to the Internet via different means like Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE, it is a sure way to get connected anywhere you are.  Smartphones today can even connect to the Internet via public Wi-Fi which means you can save more money. You can now surf the Internet while eating on a fancy restaurant or while waiting for your flight in an international airport for free.

Internet based communication technologies

There are Internet based communication technologies such as VoIP that uses the Internet as a medium for calls and messaging. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is one of the latest in the Internet communication technologies. It is offered by VoIP service providers at a reasonably cheaper price than a regular phone service. Overseas calls are also possible using VoIP and it is significantly more affordable than overseas calls using a regular phone service from a traditional phone network provider. It is also possible to use smartphones for Internet fax and email. No need for specialized equipment such as a fax machine to send faxes to your contacts. All you need is your smartphone, an Interne connection, the file to be sent (softcopy) and you are good to go.

Video calls and teleconferencing

Smartphones can be used for video calls and teleconferencing. A video call enables you to view a live stream of your contact while conversing. This technology is gaining up in popularity especially in a business sense. Some companies even conduct interviews, meetings, and seminars using video calls. Teleconferencing is almost identical to a video call, the only difference is that it enables a subscriber to call more than one contacts at the same time. This technology is most useful if your business conducts online meetings, gatherings, and presentation of products and services via the Internet.

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