Smart headset helps improve firefighters’ performance and safety

Homeowners can better protect themselves from the risk of fire using platforms such as, but how can firefighters also improve their safety? One solution is the Kopin Golden-i Wireless Headset, a head-mounted computer that enables firefighters to analyze a situation and make smarter decisions.

Much like Google’s forthcoming Project Glass, the Golden-i headsets house a camera, microdisplay, GPS locator, speech recognition and gesture control. This allows users to benefit from computer technology while keeping their hands and concentration free on the task at hand, making it especially suitable to servicemen. Using data such as maps, heat profiles, oxygen levels and heart rate – as well as audio and visual connectivity to colleagues and staff – firefighters can gain a better overall view of the situation, helping to save lives as well as protect themselves.

Kopin has also developed headsets tailored for police officers and paramedics, hoping the devices could improve performance in all branches of the emergency services. In which other industries could this technology be beneficial?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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