It’s The Small Things That Will Kill Your Business

It’s The Small Things That Will Kill Your Business image Photoxpress 4646000 200x300It’s The Small Things That Will Kill Your BusinessI crashed my helicopter last week, one minute everything was fine then next minute the rotor blade decided to make a break for freedom, The result was inevitable…carnage.

Before you get too concerned I should point out that luckily it was a remote controlled helicopter and no passers by were injured although the cat has taken to living in a cardboard box.

The terminal failure was cause by a very small screw working itself loose. I suspect that it was the cheapest part of the whole helicopter, yet it turned out it was one of the most important and something I’d never given a moments thought to.

Not once did I think, “I’d better check that really important small screw isn’t loose”

If I had I would still have helicopter in one piece and not one that looks like it was designed by Picasso.

Aaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnddddddd your internet business is a lot like my Helicopter only as strong as the weakest part. (do you see what I did there!)

We can all spend hours every week making sure that our business is working well but if you overlook one small thing then you could open yourself up to potential disaster.

Last week, I found that due to my own stupidity the signup boxes for 500 buyers that you see in the sidebar and below this post weren’t working and I hadn’t noticed it (it wasn’t a good week all round was it).

I usually get 10-20 signups per day from those and they had been down for over a week it doesn’t sound like much but take into account the lifetime value of subscribers and it could add up to a 4 or 5 figure loss over time.

It doesn’t matter that I have multiple backups of the site, a resilient server, protection against hackers and the best conversion tracking money can buy..if I don’t pay attention to the stuff that matters.

The point of this post is to point out the need to know what your priorities are. At the moment mine is generating traffic and subscribers. I should have made sure that everything was in place and working properly on a daily basis.

I’ve now complied a check list of what I need to check everyday, and I urge you to do the same.

What’s the most Important thing in your business?

If you are relying on AdSense then you need to ensure that the ads are running on your sites everyday.

If it’s affiliate marketing then make sure that the links are still working everyday.

If it’s list building make sure that your signup boxes work and that people are getting access to what they signed up for.

It’s great knowing you have a 30% open rate but pointless if you aren’t getting new signups.

Focus on the small things it’s the stuff most likely to hurt your business if you get it wrong. It’s all well and good having backups of your sites but if they have a fundamental flaw then the backups mean nothing.

Look after the small things and the big things generally will fall into place

Do you know what the most important part of your business is?

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