Give Small Businesses a Boost with Video Marketing

The power of video lies in its combination of audio and visual media: it goes beyond billboards, radio ads, and mailers, combining two strong senses to make a more lasting impression. Video marketing is a natural fit for small business owners, who often lack the budgets and workforce to run multi-pronged marketing campaigns. It’s more affordable than TV advertising, whether you do it yourself or hire the work out.

Give Small Businesses a Boost with Video Marketing image give small businesses a boost with video marketingGive Small Businesses a Boost with Video Marketing

Keep in mind these important steps, which will enable you to spread the word—and images—to your community and beyond.

Making the Right Video

Almost any consumer could tell you what they don’t want to watch: sales pitches, stock photos, and scripted speeches. Instead, focus on creating a video that engages viewers, with authentic people on both sides of the camera. Highlight your individuality and personality, without rambling on and on; keeping it short and sweet will make the video more likely to get re-watched and shared.

One essential element is a call to action, or some way to connect the viewer with the rest of your brand. Offer a coupon or code, share a phone number or link, or otherwise incorporate a clear and concise way for the video to drive people to your website or store. It’s even better if what you provide is traceable, so you can see the direct results of your video, whether it’s a specific coupon, trackable URL, or referral question.

Becoming Findable

Videos actually have a greater chance of being placed higher in searches than plain text, but that only works when they’re optimized for search engines. Do some research before posting your video, so you know you’re getting the most exposure. For starters, create a compelling thumbnail and incorporate the right keywords into your title.

Any business can benefit from having a dedicated YouTube channel to host videos, which takes advantage of the video site’s status as the second largest search engine after Google. Even if you don’t create a business channel, YouTube offers an audience that might never see your video otherwise, which is a valuable chance to bring in new sales.

Connecting it to Your Community

The most effective way to spread a marketing video is to connect it to the customer base you’ve already built. Posting it on your Facebook business page not only shares it with people who’ve liked the page; it also shows up on the newsfeeds of their friends if they like or comment on it. Video on Facebook can extend beyond marketing—behind-the-scenes peeks, sales announcements, and other details can help give your business a human presence.

A Google Local listing is also a great target for video, enabling you to connect with people already looking for what you offer. It’s a simple method to set you apart from similar businesses, and targets those who you know are interested.

Making and sharing a video can do wonders for your marketing, at a budget you can afford. There’s no reason not to get started on your first video project right away.

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