Small business hiring continues at uneven pace

DIFFERING VIEWS ON HIRING: Small businesses added 84,000 jobs during June, an increase over 58,000 in May, according to a survey by payroll provider ADP. Another survey, by the National Federation of Independent Business, found that employment at its members' firms was virtually unchanged last month, falling 0.09 workers per firm.

SLOW GROWTH OVERALL: The ADP report was in line with one released Monday by software maker Intuit, which said small businesses added 25,000 workers last month, down from 35,000 in May. Together the figures show that small businesses continue to hire, although at an uneven pace.

CONTRADICTORY FINDINGS?: The disparity among the three reports is due to the fact that they rely on different samples of business owners. The NFIB survey was based on responses from 662 of its members. ADP compiles its survey from its customers' payroll data. And Intuit examines the data posted online by its users of its small business software.

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