Slideshow: 7 Technical Skills that Marketing Agents Need

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Is there really a shortage of digital marketing talent? The answer is a resounding yes, and it’s an especially painful issue when it comes to certain skill sets. There’s undoubtedly a growing need for social media superstars and efficient content creators, but experts say that many organizations are struggling to find employees with “hard-core mathematical, quantitative and technical skills.” When you can create content, write compelling Tweets, and throw down some data forecasting? You’re basically every company’s dream marketing agent. Inspired by this awesome slideshow on technical skills that marketers need via SEO Moz, we’ve highlighted some of the ways that you can make yourself über-employable:

1. Crush Some Data

Successful marketing requires a deep and intimate knowledge of a company’s buyer personas, a knowledge of trends, and the ability to efficiently and accurately look into the past. We’re talking about data here. Rows and rows of cold, hard, organized numbers. More importantly, marketers should have the ability to leave data trails that can be followed by their predecessors. Know how to write your own storage system, and work with previously built systems.

2. Build Web Pages and Emails

Every company needs a website that doesn’t look like it was designed on the Geocities platform. It’s also pretty helpful if the business doesn’t have to use a Nashville web designer and just add pages when they’re needed. At a minimum, you should be able to add, remove, and edit pages in your content management system (HubSpot makes it pretty easy). It’s even better if you’re fluent in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Oh, and HTTP, too.

3. Design Websites

The perfect marketer owns a combination of creative energy and technical muscle. Photoshop, wireframing, and web design skills are in demand, and your future employers will love it if your work is visually appealing.

4. Inbound Marketing Analytics

The most technically adept employees totally crush that stereotype of marketers as emotional, flaky, and unable to prove their worth. They know they’re hot stuff, and can produce tables and spreadsheets of numbers to prove it. As more companies move towards a metrics-based work environment, having the ability to design the complex equations used to objectively track employee performance is critical. Whether your company is using HubSpot, a HubSpot competitor, or Google analytics, you should know the critical performance indicators and how to improve them.

5. Predict the Future

Super-talented analysts can predict the future, by combining a whole bunch of data and some magic to determine forecasts and budgets for their company’s future. An advanced knowledge of applied statistics still matters, and paying attention to the information on regressions and correlations in stats class could land you a job in the future.

6. Email Deliverability

The notion of “electronic mail” has certainly come a long way since AOL was an expensive privilege for the elite, and tweens spent their summers filling out long surveys and forwarding them to their friends. Email marketing still has the highest ROI of any form of marketing, but there are about a million ways to do it right, and even more ways to approach it completely wrong. You should understand the factors that affect your deliverability score, and be fluent in the email platform that works best for your company.

7. Optimization and A/B Testing

Even though we sort of covered this under analytics and data, it definitely deserves a mention of its own. The best agents have this undying curiosity and desire to improve, and the technical skills to conduct continual A/B tests on their marketing efforts.

What would you add to this list?

Speaking of technically talented marketing agents, we’re in need of a Junior Graphic Designer. Holler at us here.

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