It Slices! It Dices!….It Can Get You All Your Customers!

    By Robert Minskoff | Small Business

    It Slices! It Dices!....It Can Get You All Your Customers! image AsSeenOnTVIf I have to read one more blog post on how the future of B2B selling is all about content marketing, I think my computer might end up in the toilet.

    Sure, getting found quickly and easily on Google is imperative. Having a powerful, engaging message for your audience is crucial. But it seems to me that today’s marketer is pushing an agenda of change that, in my opinion, may not exist to the magnitude of the claims.

    The more I read on the is subject, the more it brings me back to late night infomercials. Products that seem to offer solutions to problems that really do not exist. One of my favorites was the EZ Egg Cracker. Now as a long time home chef, I have cracked a few eggs in my day. Have I lost a piece of shell or two into my omelet? Of course. Would I shell out $19.95 plus shipping & handling to never have this happen again? Probably not. The point here is that some engineer at a company somewhere thought this might be helpful. I am sure it is to a very, very small percentage of the population. The marketers of the EZ Egg Cracker have a much more difficult job. It is their job to have their prospective customers believe that this really is a problem that needs to be solved. They are trying to sell a solution to a problem that is virtually non-existent.

    I have nothing against marketing people or marketing in general. I know many personally and they are wonderful people. I think it is a vital part of business. The problem I do have is touting an unrealistic change to justify your product or service. Maybe I am becoming slightly jaded in my old age, but I have always felt that my best customer or buyer is an educated one. Some would argue that content marketing is quickly becoming the only means to accomplish this education. I would argue that without a skilled, knowledgeable, and professional sales person to guide the buyer through this process, it will not work. This is why teachers are so valuable. Sales people bring the human element that is so vital in any complex sales environment.

    Will content marketing help to drive more prospects to your site? Yes. Will content marketing help separate you from your competitors? Absolutely. But the real change that is coming is that buyers and their respective organizations want more and more assurances and stronger and stronger relationships.

    So be careful of those that are quick to promote such drastic change. Selling in a B2B milieu is still, as always, a very human transaction. So go and be human.

    Good Luck and Good Selling!

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