Six Reasons Twitter Might Not Be for You

    By Carol Stephen | Small Business

    Six Reasons Twitter Might Not Be for You image Mailboxes SliverSix Reasons Twitter Might Not Be for You

    Six Reasons Twitter Might Not Be for You

    I’m a huge fan of Twitter. I mean, really huge fan. I’ve met many friends through Twitter, love Tweetchats, and get much of my news through Twitter. Despite my love of Twitter, I sometimes tell people that they don’t have to be on Twitter. When I do, I can see them visibly relax. “I don’t have to be on Twitter?” they ask. “Well, no. Why would you think you have to be?” “Oh, whew!” they usually say. “I’ve just been hearing so much about Twitter lately.” So if you’re one of those people who feels obligated, here are some reasons that Twitter might not be the right place for you.

    Your Clients Aren’t on Twitter

    Have you ever asked your clients what their favorite social media platform is? How about starting with a quick survey or phone call asking a few of them? Survey Monkey has free surveys, and you could do a random sampling of a few of your clients to see what platforms they use. If your potential clients are not on Twitter, why feel obligated?

    You Can’t Speak Your Mind

    Six Reasons Twitter Might Not Be for You image BirdhousesTwitter May Not Be for You

    Twitter May Not Be for You

    If you’re in banking, or the medical field, you may need to be compliant on all social media and not just on Twitter. The banking and medical fields have been slower than other businesses to adopt social media, and that may be because major financial or banking corporations have not allowed their employees to use social media because of the extra workload for their compliance departments. That does not seem to be changing very quickly. If that’s the case, you may not want to fight that battle–at least not just yet.

    TMA (Too Many Acronyms)

    Twitter has its own specific language and acronyms. Tweets do not give you a lot of real estate to speak your mind. Tweets are usually a headline, maybe a link, and a hashtag. That’s it. So if you really dislike that form of communication, maybe the language of Facebook or LinkedIn would be better for you.

    Twitter Won’t Get You Business

    I hear this prejudice all the time from people who are not on Twitter. If you really believe this, then what are you doing on Twitter?

    Twitter is Just People Talking about Food

    Six Reasons Twitter Might Not Be for You image Scared SmallerWhat's Stopping You from Tweeting?

    What’s Stopping You from Tweeting?

    Really? Again, usually people who have never been on Twitter say this. They’re the same people who said they’d never use a phone for texting and now can’t get in touch with their own kids unless they text those kids.

    You Have Nothing to Say

    If you really have nothing to say (and I seriously doubt that!), and dislike being social, then Twitter might not be right for you.

    What’s Stopping You?

    Is there some other reason you don’t want to tweet? Leave me a comment, below! You don’t have to tweet about it, promise!

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