Six Ideas for Improving Customer Interaction

    By Melisa Cammack | Small Business

    Six Ideas for Improving Customer Interaction image four ways business to consumer 300x183Six Ideas for Improving Customer InteractionPositive interaction with customers offers businesses valuable connections with buyers, business partners and contacts. Improving these connections requires putting special effort into designing standard interactions that go further than a simple customer service script. Anyone can read words off a page, but valuable customer service exchanges require a variety of more advanced and natural responses. The following considerations will help in such efforts.

    Include the niceties

    Although customer service interactions should be brief and to-the-point, politeness and something as easy as a standard greeting gets each interaction off to a good start, even if the customer has a problem and is reporting it to the company.

    Focus on customer needs

    Every interaction needs to be about the customer and solving his or her problem. Accomplishing this goal swiftly, means focusing solely on the customer and his or her exact needs. A customer must always feel as though the company cares about solving the problem.

    Enhance the pace of assistance

    Time is an important factor for employees who need to serve as many people as possible each day, and for customers who want to get their problems solved and move on as fast as possible. Maintaining tight timeline requirements is imperative.

    Find opportunities for contact

    Potential feedback channels exist in a variety of venues from contact through the internet to face-to-face meetings. Using a product update or company news to contact customers about issues that might impact their shopping experience allows a company to show it cares about the customer experience.

    Improve transaction speed

    Whether a customer makes a transaction over the phone, through a website, or at a retail location, it shouldn’t take long to complete a transaction. Standard checkout options need to be designed to ensure the fastest transactions possible.

    Ensure company-wide standards

    Customer service standards aren’t simply an idea that impacts official representatives for the company. Every employee in the business requires awareness of the operational standards for customer service interactions through the use of training opportunities.

    Customer service exchanges enhance brand and company reputation. Every individual within the company must be on the same page when it comes to cooperating with customers and gaining respect.

    Creating a company-wide program where every employee uses the same approach to solving customer problems, ensures a business can measure the success of a communication plan and make changes if necessary to the model.

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