Super-Successful Entrepreneurs: 6 Best Hiring Questions

Top entrepreneurs on what to ask and why.

1. What’s the biggest misperception people have of you? -Tony Hsieh, Zappos

Why I ask it: “It’s interesting to see how self-aware candidates are.”

2. How do you unplug? -Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post

Why I ask it: “People are eager to show employers how they’ll work themselves to the bone. That’s not
good for them or the company.”

3. What’s most important to you in your work? -Evan Williams, Twitter

Why I ask it: “It gets to the point of what I want to know, beyond skills and experience.”

4. Why wouldn’t I hire you? -Bobbi Brown, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Why I ask it: “You get the most honest answers--because it’s not a question people anticipate being asked.”

5. Describe a recent project and how you could have done it 10 times better. -Aaron Levie, Box

Why I ask it: “We want people who can always think bigger.”

6. What have your parents taught you? -Jason Goldberg, Fab

Why I ask it: “It gets to the core of people and what makes them tick.”

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