What Sites To Utilize For Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an important component for any business looking to boost its visibility and expand its customer base. With such a huge percentage of Americans (and people all over the world) using social media sites for recreation and business, companies can capitalize through a strong social media marketing campaign.

When venturing into social media, it is vital for companies to create a sound, structured plan for their content and activities. With most social media sites offering free accounts, businesses sometimes rush into the page creation process without any real plans or goals for marketing. Here are a few sites every business will want to utilize in their social media marketing efforts—and how to utilize them the right way.


Facebook is still royalty when it comes to social media. With around a billion users worldwide, Facebook has changed the way people live their lives, and it has especially changed the way companies do business.

But when considering using Facebook as a tool for marketing, it’s important to cater to the specific audience offered by Facebook, as well as the site’s structure of communication. Most people utilize Facebook for recreation, following the goings-on of their friends and family. Companies can make the most of Facebook by including relaxed, fun marketing techniques, reaching customers in an informal setting.

Focusing too much on sales when it comes to Facebook (and most other social media sites) can kill any marketing campaign a company is operating. Try to mix in sales, special offers, and business updates with some fun content, like behind-the-scenes pictures or jokes about the company’s daily routine. Getting customers interested in the fun part of your Facebook feed is a good way to keep them interested in the business side of things.


If Facebook is the king of social media sites, Twitter is the crown prince. Twitter facilitates the posting of millions of messages around the world each day, and businesses can take advantage by communicating directly with customers in short, simple messages.

Twitter and Facebook should be used in slightly different ways. To make the most of your company’s Twitter feed, it’s important to stay active with customers by offering an ongoing stream of fun and interesting commentary or links, with business-related tweets in the mix. Your Twitter audience will tire of constant sale or offer updates, but you can benefit by mixing in your own content with good content from around the web. In general, the key to a successful Twitter feed is to remain active and communicate frequently with your followers.


With the introduction of Google+, the search engine giant has brought out a significant challenger to Facebook in terms of the social media audience. While many businesses are still figuring out the best techniques for Facebook, those at the cutting edge of social media marketing are well into their Google+ campaigns.

The differences in the two are important to consider. First, Google+ has far fewer active businesses, and you also have the option of zeroing in on specific groups using different circles. That means that content on Google+ has a better chance of making an impact on your audience, and you can tailor various types of content for different groups of people.

In addition, companies have had success using the Hangout feature to reach customers. Live chats and video sessions can be great for providing information to customers or having informal conversations.

Other Sites

There are dozens of social media sites out there, so if you have the Facebook thing down, think about branching out. Pinterest is a hot spot right now, and business can benefit by showing off their product offerings. LinkedIn offers a chance for companies to connect with other professionals in the industry. Companies have plenty of social media marketing options, so take a look around the web and see which make the most sense for your business.

Toby Gonzales is the Revenue Manager for FBiFrames.com. He enjoys helping businesses implement their social media marketing plan.

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