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Do you want to free up your time? Simplify And Free Up Your Time image fishing 271x300Simplify And Free Up Your Time

Stupid question I know. But many business owners make decisions that do the opposite.

Let’s take the objective of getting new customers.

One element for customers to consider is your product or service.

And in that decision is how you present your prices, product or service.

Sometimes I am asked why I have set prices and services.

The answer is simple.

I don’t want to spend my time, preparing and sending proposals and negotiating price.

That would suck up my time.  It would also suck up the time of potential customers as they read, consider and discuss any proposals.

So, how can you simplify and free up your time?


You need to see what is taking up your time first. If you sell a service and tailor proposals add up the time it takes for the whole process.

For every hour or even half an hour you reduce frees up your time to spend elsewhere.

If you sell a product are there questions your business gets that takes up time before the sale? And how much time does it take to answer them.


Think how you can simplify. If you get a lot of questions before customers buy, can you deliver that information using technology?

Look at what questions customers ask.

Then see what are the simplest ways to get the answers to customers. Could it be a downloadable information pack, video, screenshots, standard emails etc.

See how you deliver your product or service and identify ways to reduce your time. For example do you need to present in person or could a Skype meeting work as well.

If chasing unpaid invoices takes up your time, look at ways to get payment upfront or by automatic payments.

There are always better ways and often it comes down to asking yourself this question to save time.

Freeing up your time means you can work on areas to generate more sales. Or you can use the time saved for something that is important to you such as your favourite hobby, family time or simply relaxing.

Over to you: Have you looked at where you could free up your time?

This article originally appeared on M4B Marketing. It is republished with permission.

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