Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Readable

Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Readable image bored readingSimple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More ReadableThe purpose of a blog post is to convey a message, agree?

In the context of marketing, that message is typically:

  • Exhibiting your company’s authority and expertise in your industry.
  • Addressing a common question or problem your customers express.
  • Introducing and bringing attention to a new product or service.

In order for any of these messages to be communicated, obviously your blog posts need to be read by people, preferably your target customers.

To borrow from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, there are psychological “triggers” that can heavily influence people to take specific actions — including getting people to read a blog post.

So, how can you format your blog posts in a way that subconsciously drives people to continue reading?

Strategic Image Placement Hooks Readers

If you pay close attention to many top blogs or even news sites, you’ll notice they frequently include a right-aligned image at the beginning of their posts or articles.


Placing an image in this location reduces the line length of sentences in the introductory paragraph, making readers feel like they’re reading less and more quickly.

Now the reader is invested in the post, assuming you’ve written an effective introduction with a solid hook.

Use Descriptive, Attention-Grabbing Subheadings

Your subheadings serve as small promises to a reader.

A lot of people will skim a blog post before actually diving in and reading. They’ll scroll down the post quickly, skimming a few sentences and, more importantly, skimming your subheadings.

This means your subheadings should scream of value. They should promise the reader that there is genuinely good information within the “meat” of the post.

Of course, you have to deliver on that promise or you’ve done little more than betray the trust of your reader.

White Space Is Your Best Friend

Nobody likes reading giant walls of text.

Not only are long paragraphs harder on the eyes, but it also feels like they take more time to read.

Instead of having walls of text, break up your paragraphs into tiny bites.

For a great example of what I mean, I’m going to name drop Derek Halpern again.

Head over to Social Triggers and take a look at a couple of his posts.

Notice how he almost never uses more than two sentences in a paragraph.

Another interesting tactic…

Normally, we’re taught to keep related sentences in the same paragraph. One informal rule taught in the classroom is to “start a new paragraph when you move into a new subject.”

But take a look at posts on Social Triggers. Notice how he even breaks up related thoughts on the same subject into multiple paragraphs?

Breaking up posts and using white space in this way makes it easy for readers to scan the post.

Simply put, it makes reading your posts less of a chore, which is always a good thing.

What Formatting Strategies Do You Use?

Are there any formatting habits or tactics you use to make your blog posts more readable?

Share your tips in the comments below…

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