Simple restaurant reviews, without the reviews


Customer review sites can give diners a good idea of the quality of a restaurant before they go there, but they can also be unhelpful when opinions are divided or simply too long to read. myfab5 is a new site and app that replaces reviews with a ranking system that gets users to choose their favorite 5 restaurants in each category and location.

Rather than give overly-detailed reasons as to why they like or dislike a particular venue, users are simply given the task of selecting their city’s five top restaurants by food type. Comments are allowed, but limited to 260 characters. The more times a particular restaurant appears in users’ lists, the higher they climb in the overall table for their category. Diners just looking for a place to eat can scan the general rankings or see their friends’ favorite eating spots, as well as get information on opening times and menus.

myfab5 is available online, and also as a free iOS app. Could other review sites benefit from this kind of simplified ranking system?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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