ShowScoop launches customer review app for music concerts

Crowd voting has already been used by the Chartburst platform to help record labels discover new musical talent. Now the ShowScoop Concerts app is enabling gig-goers to rate performances so fans can see if it’s worth spending time and money to see a band live.

Regular attendees at concerts will be familiar with the disappointment of a band’s live show failing to live up to the album, especially considering travel and ticket costs. Using ShowScoop Concerts, fans can offer reviews of the gig they’ve attended with ratings out of five determining stage presence, crowd interaction, sound quality and visual effects. Users are encouraged to take photos of the event to attach to their review through the app’s bespoke Instagram-style camera utility. Regular concert-raters are also promoted to Elite Squad status – giving their opinions more weight in the community – while prolific reviewers become part of the Road Crew, gaining free tickets and opportunities to meet bands.

While the end result is a database of user reviews covering any performing artist, enabling fans to decide if a show is worth their time, the app also benefits bands putting effort into their concerts as well as those who rely on ticket sales and don’t yet have the means to make recorded music. Are there other industries that have yet to benefit from this kind of platform?


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