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Show Your Customers the Way image welcome center bShow Your Customers the WayI had a pretty unexpected, yet very cool, experience this past weekend. I was taking my son across town to Millersville University’s Admitted Student Expo, because he will be attending there in the Fall. I’m somewhat familiar with the campus, and knew where the event was going to take place, but wasn’t really sure where we would have to park. “Don’t worry,” I told my son, “I’m sure they’ll have some kind of signage for an event like this.”

I had no idea.

As we approached the campus, from about a mile out, we started to notice students along the road, most dressed in Millersville black and gold sweatshirts, and waving to us as we went by with huge smiles on their faces. The students were spaced about 100 to 200 feet apart. As we got closer to campus, they increased in frequency, some in groups of two or three.

All were smiling and waving at us. They were waving at every car that passed by, not knowing which ones were headed to the campus, or which were merely driving through the area. As we turned onto the main road into the campus, they were everywhere, lining both sides of the street.

Smiling and waving. We knew we were getting closer.

As we drove through the heart of campus, the growing group of greeters directed us toward the lot where we would be parking. And as we walked toward the building where we would begin our day, they all greeted us, happily:

“Good morning, and welcome to Millersville!”

And this was all before 8 in the morning. College students. On a Saturday morning. Before 8 a.m.! All smiling and greeting us as if we were special guests.

We WERE special guests. We were being treated like royalty. Thousands of us; students and parents alike. And it showed on our faces. If my face looked like the faces of those around me, I was probably wearing a stupid grin.

It felt good.

While it may not scale to all businesses, or be sustainable on that level over the long haul, that’s how we all wanted to be treated by the businesses we patronize.

Greet us. Direct us. Make us feel special.

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