How to Shoot Great Video in a Car

How to Shoot Great Video in a Car image Car shoot225How to Shoot Great Video in a Car

You’re out and about and all of a sudden you get a great idea or you see something amazing, or both, and you want to send that video to your tribe.

What do you do?

You’ve probably see the result of this kind of spontaneous inspiration. The results are usually not anywhere near the value of the original idea. Oh, but they can be. They can be much, much, much better.

Not sure about that? You be the judge, OK? Watch as Jaeny and I fend off an attack from an unusually, um… assertive seagull…and get a lesson in how little tweaks can make ALL the difference in how your video comes out.

I won’t tell you about the one little tweak in the settings I forgot about, but that would have made this video so much better. The first person who spots it gets $50 in Brainy Bux. :)

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