Shifting Gears [Infographic]

    By Chris Beck | Small Business

    Shifting Gears: Driverless Cars

    Sure, they sound like something from the future. But driverless cars will roll down the on-ramp to U.S. roads sooner than you might think. Technology such as autonomous steering, braking, and parking, and driver-fatigue detection is scheduled to begin showing up in many models next year, and Google says it will release a fully autonomous fleet of vehicles in 2018.

    But there’s a big question: What kind of reception will autonomous cars get? Will car buyers embrace them the way they did cupholders? Or will they blow them off the way they have cruise control? recently examined the autonomous-car phenomenon. What’s driving it? How far down the road has it gotten? What kind of curves will have to be negotiated? How will life change because of autonomous vehicles?

    Find out the answers to those questions and others in Attack of the Self-Driving Cars. You can also discover who’s already lining up to buy driverless vehicles and who’s pumping the brakes, plus peek into the future to find out how we’ll spend all the extra time we’ll have when we finally take our hands off the wheel, courtesy of the 2013 Online Self-Driving Study.

    Shifting Gears [Infographic] image autonomous cars infographic2Attack of the Self-Driving Cars
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