Get Set and Go with the New Catalysts for Your Online Venture

In this competitive world, every eCommerce merchant strives to get even the smallest leg up on the competition. But when it comes to improving the overall eCommerce business experience, most of the retailers use complex algorithms to reach the ladder of success. They need to understand that their success is not limited to just knowing their targeted customer and their wants but there is something beyond that. And if you wish to see what lies beyond that boundary, today’s blog post will help you to show the path.

Get Set and Go with the New Catalysts for Your Online Venture image Online VentureGet Set and Go with the New Catalysts for Your Online Venture

So are you ready to learn and implement some of the best online business strategies? Here you go…

Integrate POS system:

1. POS or Point of Sale system bridge the gap between online and offline retail.  But how can this system help you to sell more?

2. With POS you can manage every aspect of your business in a single dashboard

3. If you add any update inventory or product on one side of the system, it gets immediately updated across the board

4. You no longer have to manage two sets of product catalogue, two payment system or two sets of inventories

5. The system can take your store on the road. You can take shopping orders with card reader plugged in iPads and accept payment from anywhere across the world

6. POS let you begin processing credit cards both in-store and online and even help you get low credit card rates

The system also allows the online store merchant to either choose between printing an order receipt or sending a customized version of the receipt to the customers through email. This is a great trick for email marketing for merchants such as they can include a discount code for a future purchase or send information regarding any loyalty program.

Optimize your business with store grader:

Get the latest eCommerce optimization tool called store grader to audit and analyse your online store. This tool is powerful enough to check your web site against four critical criteria-

  • Site performance
  • SEO
  • Content and social marketing
  • Usability

With the help of this tool, you can scrutinize whether you are sending the right signals to search engines, whether your site is user-friendly and whether you are utilizing content to build your audience on social media. Store grader also takes away the guesswork that you wish to implement for optimizing the homepage and help you to learn about your performance when it comes to getting as much traffic as possible.  In today’s world, if you are not an online marketing expert, it becomes difficult for you to keep up with the best practices for your website.

Use Vine to engage your customers:

Have you thought about using short-form video to engage your customers? Well, if not, then Vine, a Twitter-owned mobile app can help you to create interesting short videos. So let us find out the effective ways your online venture can use Vine-

1. Sometimes, companies fail to recognize that the customers want to gain an insight about the inner workings of your business and its people involved. Therefore, create multimedia content to accomplish the wish of your customer and you will find them automatically getting engaged with your site

2. If your product needs instructions on how to use them, you can think of creating a 6-seconds how-to video on Vine. This how-to hashtags is one of the top trending tags on all vines and can be a creative way to get prospective customers to your store

3. If you want to highlight any particular feature of your product that your customers may not know about that yet, use Vine to highlight such feature. For instance, use Vine to showcase all the available colors of a bag pack.

4. If you think whether one-to-one customer interaction is possible or not, then let me inform that yes it is possible. Nothing can be as interesting as creating a video to interact with your customers and show them what’s new with your online store.

5. Last but not the least, you can run video contests on such platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest and make your customer participate to win a number of goodies.

Do not make your path difficult for the customers to reach you. Instead, think of creative ways to engage them.

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