How to Get Serious Growth Through Social Media Marketing

    By Bob Hutchins | Small Business

    How to Get Serious Growth Through Social Media Marketing image Serious Growth Social Media Marketing 300x199How to Get Serious Growth Through Social Media MarketingFor companies that have never implemented a social media strategy, the whole concept of social media marketing might sound like a bunch of fluff. The back burner, do-it-if-you-have-time, low-expectations kind of marketing project that nobody’s really serious about. At BuzzPlant, we see social media marketing through a totally different lens.

    While a killer social media strategy might not necessarily be the spine of your business, there’s no doubt in our minds that it can play a very critical role in supporting your business. Today, I’d like to share a few examples with you of how four businesses achieved incredible growth through smart social media marketing.

    But First… The Building Blocks of SM Strategy

    Sonia Simone has put together a great blog post on building a social media strategy. Our focus today is growth, but if you’re just now in the building phase, be sure to follow her seven steps:

    1. Start with a home base (typically your own website).
    2. Take time for introspection. Who are you?
    3. What platforms are your competitors using?
    4. Choose your primary platform.
    5. Be smart and responsible with your time.
    6. Focus on creating great content.
    7. Build SEO value.

    Easy, right? Though I don’t know exact details behind the following companies, you can bet they followed a social media strategy similar to those seven steps listed above. Check out the results they got…

    Brightstar: Using Social for Inbound Links

    Brightstar, a franchised homecare service company, experienced overwhelming growth thanks to a social media strategy focused on inbound links. According to co-founder Shelly Sun, cultivating in-bound links through social media was a big help in doubling web traffic and ratcheting up sales figures. Through social media and press releases, Brightstar increased inbound links from 600 to 72,000. Wow!

    Seamless: Build a Custom Social App

    Facebook is a great tool in and of itself. But why not build your own app within Facebook’s platform? That’s what Seamless did. Seamless is an online service that allows users to enter their address and find nearby restaurants that deliver. The app allows users to access services directly through Facebook, and helped build a fan base of 343,000 and counting.

    Faith & Freedom Coalition: Pick an Issue

    When the FFC wanted to fight the Supreme Court, the group only had about 14,000 Facebook fans. So, how did they boost their presence? They picked an issue they were passionate about and created a petition on Facebook to get users involved. Users became engaged as their friends signed the petition (which showed up in News Feed), as well as through targeted Facebook ads. Today, just a few months later, the FFC Facebook page has more than 100,000 likes, which is up by 20,000 since July.

    Sony Electronics: Focus on a Bigger Cause

    With the help of Marketing Sherpa, Sony Electronics didn’t just slip into Pinterest; they made a huge splash! Instead of focusing on themselves, Sony created a board called “Pin It to Give It,” which promised to donate one dollar to charity for every re-pin from the board. The results? 12,500 re-pins, 20 media placements, and a 350% increase in brand impressions. Furthermore, some good charities received some helpful funds!

    There’s a lot more to social media strategy than “being conversational” and posting funny pictures. If you’re serious about growing through social media marketing, try one of these strategies, or build your own!

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