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Hold on to your seats for my SEOpressor review!

When I discovered how to optimize my content for the search engines I actually thoroughly enjoyed the job. Then I also found SEOPressor and there was a match made in heaven.

I have been using SEOpressor since 2010 and here I am actually writing a review of this product. I guess you are wondering what took me so long. Well I was just too busy using the plugin and forgot all about it!

I love my WordPress plugins, especially my SEO Plugins that help me get higher rankings in the search engines. Although there are similar plugins that do the same kind of thing, for some reason I stuck with this one. Now I am very happy I did!

SEOpressor v5 recently launched with a BANG! It is now officially amazing and oozing with value. Now I want to share my SEOpressor review with you, but first, jets look at how I made use of this plugin in the past…

#1. Increasing Adsense Earnings

Remember when I wrote an article about increasing my Adsense earnings by 500%? Well SEOPressor was a big part of that success. This plugin taught me how to perform onpage search engine optimization the right way which in turn attracted targeted ads on my site. This is ensured my ads were directly related to my content and that’s exactly what my readers wanted to see.

#2. Dominating the Search Engines

The onpage search engine optimization this plugin helped me with also allowed me to rank my articles high in the search engines giving me a wealth of targeted traffic. I even posted an article about how to dominate Google search results (with a video included) which I also recently re-published as the page I used in the example on how to rank is still ranking very well today.

Sometimes I got annoyed when I could not reach a good score, but working hard on my articles really paid off for me. After all, content is one of the kings of this business and and it is well worth investing your time in.

#3. Forget About SEO – A crazy SEOpressor Review

This plug-ins main purpose is to help you with search engine optimisation but this is not the only thing that it did for me! It has kept me on the right track when it comes to writing. It practically made me add in subheadings and form my articles correctly which actually made my articles extremely easy to read. Before using SEOPressor I had no real style or pattern to my articles. Now I am a pro at writing SEO content for the search engines and the humans but I still rely on this plugin to keep me under control. This fact alone will ensure I give this SEOPressor review a five stars, as this plugin has educated me in SEO.

SEOPressor V5 is an amazing WordPress plugin that will help you have the right mix of keywords and stop you from over doing it. this plugin also allows you to edit rich snippets for the search engines and automatic smart linking for great SEO.

SEOpressor v5 Review 2013

When I heard of this overhaul of SEO Pressor, I never expected to see what I did. It is no longer a simple plugin.

#1. Optimize Up to 3 Keywords

Previously you could only optimize for 1 keyword but now it is 3. I was personally doing this anyway but I had to do each keyword individually. Now you just add in all three keywords and then edit your post.

SEOpressor V5 Review image seopressor scoreSEOpressor V5 Review

#2. Over Optimisation Tool

The new version of this plug-in will score you on your on-page optimisation. If your content is under optimised for over optimised you will see that the score will be in the red. You will either have to work harder to reach a green score or you will have to remove some of the over optimisation that is causing the red over score.

SEOpressor V5 Review image seopressor score2SEOpressor V5 Review

SEOpressor V5 Review image seopressor score3SEOpressor V5 Review

#3. SEOpressor review – Rich Snippet Tool

In the search engines when browsing through product reviews, sometimes you can see a star rating underneath this listing. This is a rich snippet.

See the screenshot below James Hussy’s SEOpressor review has 5 stars for this plugin. Although the post is not recent, it ranks above all others with a rich snippet in tow.

SEOpressor V5 Review image seopressor score5SEOpressor V5 Review

You will be shocked when you see the amount of choices you have in the rich snippets section! Yes there are more options than ever before with this plugin.

These settings are at the bottom of every post or page in your WordPress site. Simply press on the rich snippets tab and choose which type of snippet you have. In my case I have a review.

SEOpressor V5 Review image seopressor score4SEOpressor V5 Review

#4. How About a Related Video?

This feature surprised me as I did not see it mentioned anywhere. But there is was, a cool feature that will help you find a related video to embed into your post. i guess this will help your SEO because you are providing more relevant content and it will also possibility reduce your bounce rate.

SEOpressor V5 Review image related videoSEOpressor V5 Review

#5. LSI Keyword Feature ROCKS!

I am shocked at this feature. Why? Because the actual words that come up are very focused and can most likely make a nice edition to your article.

Take a good look at the example screenshot below. My keyword is “search engine optimization” and here are the LSI keywords listed. Now my particular article is about the basics of SEO so I can definitely see a few LSI keywords that would fit into my post. And this is all within my WordPress post editor. All I have to do is add my chosen words into my post and then push the “click to refresh the analysis” button and my score will improve slightly.

SEOpressor V5 Review image seopressor lsiSEOpressor V5 Review

Tips for Using the New Version

  1. Don’t get carried away in your optimization efforts and forget to save your article every now and then.
  2. Set a minimum score in the settings so posts cannot be published unless hitting the right score. Especially good if you have guest posters.
  3. Do not forget that you can optimize for more than one keyword which spreds out your SEO and doesn’t slam the search engines with only one keyword as an option.

SEOpressor Video Review

If you do not like reading long reviews, I have made a review on video. This will show you all I have mentioned and more!

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

The Price?

Well I believe that this plugin is a bargain because it works hard for me everyday and costs nothing more than the $97 I paid once for a multisite license. The single license is $47 but that did not suit me with all of my sites.. An amazing price for people with only one website.

After using this plugin since 2010, if I had to pay a recurring fee for this service, I would. Luckily I only had to pay once and reap all the benefits and upgrades for years.

I hope you enjoyed my SEOpressor v5 review.

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