If SEO Undermines User Experience, It’s Bullsh*t

Brad Frost recently shared a wonderful presentation on Death to Bullshit, in which he argued that most of things we are bulldozed with over the Web are nothing but bullshit, and that all of us have a responsibility to come past that and make the Web a better place.

I argue that SEO without UX is bullshit, too. I know that’s a bold statement but a true one. Though attempts have been made in the past to help SEOs understand the importance of UX – Rand Fishkin recently even went on saying that SEO and UX are “almost always married” – there’s still no consensus on it. Even if some of us agree, most don’t implement.

Like most users suck at searching things over the Web, most of our clients don’t know what they want from us, except, of course, this: number 1 ranking on Google. And let’s face it: instead of educating such clients and helping them understand that rankings are not everything, we most often than not go on improving their site’s findability by doing what I call “typical SEO”.

User experience is as important as SEO (and probably more)

All of us know that SEO helps people get found and the aura of the site takes on from there. But most of our clients don’t. Aside from a site’s findability, things that matter are accessibility, loading speed, navigation, content, internal linking, readability, design, typography, spacing, alt text, social links…and counting. This means, an SEO’s job doesn’t end at helping sites get found; it exceeds that.

Spammy SEO makes things even worse

Having content under the footer is best for a user’s experience. Like, seriously. Just don’t forget to bold the keywords. And rest assured, your visitor will never, ever come again.

If SEO Undermines User Experience, It’s Bullsh*t image Content below the footer1 600x170If SEO Undermines User Experience, It’s Bullsh*t

Then there’s keyword stuffing.

“Black crow is thirsty because black crow is a living being, commonly known as black crow bird. There’s this thirsty black crow bird poem also.”

These are a couple of reasons why SEOs are given a bad name in the industry. Thankfully, most of us have come over these things.

However, the need to focus on the user experience and make our clients understand its importance is something we all need to embrace soon. Only then, we can make clients for life. And trash some bullshit out of the Web.

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