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Send the Right Email at the Right Time image rtT3nNQ8MgjYLKxKKCLGI9hGhkMryeSUyPd7z7mj1sgo1 krmj0ovXANH2tmdSU2nA0KQcsoCU86FYsDLQug7e5PN2bL3uapfDAdSlu6y0zW0Z TYQyLbAkNEQ4Send the Right Email at the Right TimeGetting the message right and delivering it at the right time can dramatically improve your marketing results.

Making sure that your message is right, that it is published at the right time, it is read by just the right person in the right place has been the mantra that marketers have been chanting this year as everyone tries to overcome the abysmal open and click-through rates (CTR) that email marketing has been experiencing.

2013 figures show that open rates have fallen to 21% and CTR to just 3%. Depressing stuff right ?

With these stats hitting you in the face,  you’ll want to make the most out of the emails you send to ensure that you  send the right emails, with the right messages, at the right time.

So here is some practical information that will help marketers send emails that get results:

The essential emails every marketer should be sending:

1. Welcome email – as the name says on the tin, this emails should be sent  when a customer first interacts with your company. When they first sign up to a mailing list make sure that you have a friendly and engaging welcome email set to respond, highlighting other ways they can engage with you. Please, please, please – avoid sounding spammy or over excited – it will put them off.

2. Nurturing email – these are the lifeblood of your marketing automation system. Lead nurturing emails are the triggered emails sent in response to actions customers take on your website and when engaging with other emails. You’ll have content pathways already in place so that when they show interest in once piece of content they’ll automatically get sent another.

One thing I would say regarding this type of email – is that you have to be really careful when it comes to how often you send these emails. If you send them too often (3 times a day or more) chances are your leads will be put off – if you don’t send them often enough your message will be inconsistent and your leads are likely to lose interest. So, every lead nurturing email must be sent wisely.

3. Reminder email – if a customer has registered for a webinar or other events, then triggered emails can send reminders to attend at pre-decided times to increase the chances of them actually showing up. It’s especially helpful if the event is free too!

4. Thank You email- everybody loves good manners. So make sure you have a triggered thank you email set to go, so that every time someone downloads something, signs up for something, attends something, you send an email thanking them and highlighting the other great content and events that will likely be of interest to them.

Remember : the most important thing that we as marketers can do is woo our target market market with every marketing effort - this includes email.

The best time for you to send emails

What is the best time for me to send out my email ? This is the question that everyone wants to know the answer to but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a definitive one to satisfy everyone with.

A recent study from MailChimp analysed more than a billion emails to identify trends in the optimal time to send marketing messages. Findings showed that opens increased after 12pm, and the most active period was between 2pm and 5pm. Thursday’s are the best day according to these results.

You might want to take a leaf out of Online retailer eBags’ book though. By individually calculating the best time to send emails based on what analytics revealed about past behaviour, they increased their CTR by 20% and conversion rate by 65%.

The success of marketing emails relies heavily on the quality of content within. Content marketing can help you generate new leads, maximise brand awareness and increase sales. Find out more by reading the  What is Content Marketing E-guide

Check out this infographic from Entrepreneur too, which has lots of stats about the best and worst times to send emails.

Send the Right Email at the Right Time image best time to send emailsSend the Right Email at the Right Time

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