Which Should You Send, an Email, Newsletter, or Both?

Which Should You Send, an Email, Newsletter, or Both? image manoncomputer 199x300Which Should You Send, an Email, Newsletter, or Both?What’s the difference between an email and a newsletter and which should you use and when?

People can’t do business with you if they don’t know your business exists, and having a website is not enough.

More importantly, waiting for a prospect to stay in touch with you will keep your client list short and your revenues small.

As a business owner it’s your responsibility to reach out to current clients and prospects and on a consistent basis.

A newsletter is a wonderful way to keep in touch with your clients and prospects

A newsletter is your credibility builder. It’s the place where you deliver terrific content in a magazine like layout.  Through your newsletters you are able build and sustain long term relationships with your customers and future customers.

However, a newsletter is not the place for a strong call to action.

Rather you want to take a more subtle approach by referring prospects and clients back to your blog for related articles or invite them to join your Facebook page for members.

An email or autoresponder series is the online equivalent of making a sales call.

For example, someone comes to your website, opts-in to your list and they receive a series of autoresponders.  Each email is strategically written to guide the prospect to make a purchase.

Important: make sure that your emails use what copywriter Nick Usborne refers to as “HTML light.”

“HTML light” is a visually sparse email.   It contains mostly text with your logo and maybe a picture of your product or better yet a video.  Sending your emails in this way will distinguish them from your newsletters and lessen confusion.

Also, taking the minimalist approach will keep your prospects from getting distracted and increase conversion rates.  So make sure that your email copy is relevant and compelling.

Should You Do Both and How Much is Too Much?

You should definitely do both.

People have short attention spans. Do you remember the hoopla over the best picture and best director categories for 2013? (Answer below).  So it’s up to you to keep your brand and services in the forefront of your customers minds without being too pushy.

I recommend a weekly or bi-monthly newsletter along with a strategic email series centered around a quarterly product or service launch.

So for example, let’s say you’re having a live teaching series in your area. You want to let the people on your list know about it so you schedule series of one to two emails per week,  three weeks prior to the event.  These emails will have all the relevant information for your event plus registration information.

Have I missed anything?  Don’t be shy leave a comment.

** Argo was nominated for best picture but Ben Affleck was not nominated from best director or best actor. Many people, including my husband, were shocked.

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