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If you have ever played basketball then you will be familiar with the concept and strategy of blocking out. This is the process of getting your body between your opponent and the goal. The purpose of  blocking out is to give yourself an advantage to grab the ball and accelerate your offense down the court. For example, a player shoots from the foul line and you block out the opponent as to better position yourself for the rebound.

In sales, you had better block out your competition or they will score on you every time. In this case, blocking out means keeping your buyer from contacting or pursuing other avenues with your competitors. Is this difficult? Yes. Can it be done? Absolutely.

Several years ago I read in the local business paper that a new company was opening a new location here in Atlanta.  I did my research to find out with whom I needed to call to schedule an appointment. I knew their opening was at least 6 months away. After several emails, I found out who was going to be running the operation here locally. We met briefly in the late winter and stayed in touch throughout the spring. As her opening grew closer I was building the relationship and understanding their needs. I brought her to other customers in the area, showed her the product, and had those customers testify as to why she should buy from me as well. I put forth our proposal, and in the end, I got the contract signed. As far as I know, she never once talked to the competition. I was able to block them out altogether.

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.

Good Luck and Good Selling!

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