Sell Like The Cast of Million Dollar Listing: CRM For Real Estate Agents

    By Jackie Hermes Steinmetz | Small Business

    Sell Like The Cast of Million Dollar Listing: CRM For Real Estate Agents image rsz million dollar listing Sell Like The Cast of Million Dollar Listing: CRM For Real Estate Agents

    If you’ve ever seen Million Dollar Listing, you know the premise of the show. The properties are high end and the agents juggle multiple properties, buyers and sellers at the same time. In order to sell, these successful real estate agents have to keep track of hundreds of relationships concurrently. Keeping them straight requires a CRM tool that takes all of the ins and outs of real estate sales into consideration. Think about the following:

    Each sale is different

    While the varying personalities that agents deal with on Million Dollar Listing are quite entertaining for viewers, it’s got to be pretty difficult for the agents. Their clients have many demands, (I guess we could call most a little high maintenance), and they vary greatly. That means the sales process for a property is vastly different every time – from different sales cycle lengths and offer prices, all the way down to the ever-changing nitty gritty details (like concessions and other items that are written into each contract). Your CRM needs to be flexible so you can tailor it for each situation as necessary.

    Real estate is (going) mobile

    The days of agents showing a house on Saturday and following up on Monday are over. As the real estate market continues to become more competitive, agents must adapt, too. The best way to do that is by taking advantage of a mobile CRM – that way, agents can enter deal information quickly and shoot off a follow-up email seconds after meeting a prospective buyer. Now that’s what I call service.

    Speaking of mobile CRM, there are a few items that you must check off when comparing tools:

    • Look for a responsive design. In other words, make sure your CRM adjusts its formatting for whichever screen you’re working on so you’re not scrolling all over the place in search of the field you’re looking for. It should look great on your tablet, mobile device and on a computer.

    • Make sure the real estate CRM offers a native app. Offline access is key for agents who are in and out of houses and must use their data plan to access client information.

    Clutter reduces productivity

    A career as a real estate agent comes with a ridiculous amount of paperwork. Juggling deals means to-do list after to-do list, post it notes with reminders and contracts that are in the works are all crowding your space. But research shows that the more clutter you have, the less productive you can be. A CRM that’s tailored to you is the best way to solve that problem. The best tools will allow you to manage tasks, set yourself reminders and integrate with the other software you use to manage your business. Less paper = less clutter = more time to spend with your clients.

    In order to sell like the cast of Million Dollar Listing, real estate agents need a comprehensive, flexible CRM tool to keep track of the details and make sure they’re always on top of their game.

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