Self-medication for foot problems made possible through modular orthotics

We recently saw Coming Up Short Handed tackle the challenge of effective homemade, custom and inexpensive prosthetics. Now OrthoticMe is a similar enterprise that offers modular parts to help people with foot problems to create their own solutions.

Rather than investing in potentially expensive single soles custom-designed to help an individual’s foot problems, the OrthoticMe system offers several parts that can be easily connected and altered to provide the optimum support for anybody. Several different parts, ranging in size, can be attached by Velcro to the main sole. Each part comes in layers, allowing users to determine how much correction they need. According to the company, patients can self-medicate by gradually adding layers to get the foot acclimatized to support, and then stopping when the force of the support feels too strong. The parts are available as a kit or as individual pieces and include met, transverse, scaphoid and peroneal pads. The video below gives more information about the pieces:

Both practitioners and patients could benefit from the OrthoticMe system and the company offers both a USD 129 personal kit and USD 499 option designed for use by doctors. Could other treatments be made more affordable through customization?


Spotted by: Sean Morrissey

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