Selection of the Best 10 Apps for Freshmen

So, you finally became a freshman in college. Welcome to the world where proper planning skills include waking up late every day, being present on each party and spending all-nighters in studying before your exams. After all that excitement calms down, it will be time to finally focus on practical things and find ways to organize your student life better. After all, you will be in college for at least four more years, so you will definitely have time for more parties. Being a freshman means that you are transiting into a stage of adulthood, which can be overwhelming. You know what? As for anything else in the modern world, there are apps that can get you through your freshman year in college easier!
1. Jorte Calendar
This is a free app available for Android users, which can help the students stay in control of time management challenges. There are plenty of apps with a similar purpose, but Jorte Calendar is different because it comes really close to a real personal organizer; and we all know that the classic form of an organizer is the most efficient one.
2. Find My Friends
When you are a student and you live with other people, it can be really practical to keep tabs on them. For example, your roommate may be in the gym, not answering his phone, but this app will enable you to find him and spend some time together. Okay, that may not be the most practical reason to use this app, so let’s get honest for a minute: you will always be aware of the time you have left for fooling around with your new girlfriend/boyfriend until your roommate comes home.
Now that your parents are not always there to get you covered on all your daily needs, you will need to pay more attention to organizing your finances. is a free app (available for both Android and iOS) which will keep you covered in that area. You will always be aware of the way you are spending your money and you will be able to create a budget based on priorities.

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4. Sunrise Calendar
This free app for iPhone comes as a combination of your Facebook Events Calendar and Google Calendar. If you don’t want to miss any school- and social-related commitments, Sunrise Calendar is the app that’s missing in your iPhone.
5. Wendr
Being a freshman means meeting lots of new people, and all of them will want to hang out with you (because you are cool, right?). Keeping up with such busy schedules may become hard to deal with, but Wendr can come as a salvation in these situations. This free iOS app will always keep you updated with info on your friends’ plans. If you have an event to go to and you need someone to accompany you, you can always use this app to find out which friends have no plans for the evening.
6. Seamless
This is an app that will enable you to deliver meals from nearby restaurants with just a few taps on your smartphone. Yes, I know that you are a proud user of a campus meal plan, but you will still have occasions when you’ll need to mix things up a little.
7. ICE
Students are usually after fun apps to install on their smartphones, but sometimes you need to turn the practical mode on and think of the really necessary things. ICE is an app for Android and iOS that will keep information about any medical conditions you have (which will be valuable in case you find yourself in an accident), as well as lists of medications and emergency contacts.
8. Domino’s
Is there a college student who doesn’t love Domino’s? If there is, he is probably a freak! Pizza is the main meal on the menu of college students, and we already know where the best pizza can be found – at Domino’s! This app will come very handy when you want to order your favorite pizza as fast as possible.

Selection of the Best 10 Apps for Freshmen image dominos 600x453Selection of the Best 10 Apps for Freshmen
9. Tinder
Okay, we already taught you about practical stuff, so let’s get to the fun apps: Tinder can provide you with a hot date to party with every weekend. You can use the message tool of this app to contact someone you find interesting, and take things further if you end up being attracted to each other.
10. Couple
If you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you’re going to different colleges, then Couple is the app that can keep your relationship alive and vibrant on distance. You can share virtual kisses, photos and messages that will prevent the distance from destroying the feelings you have for each other.

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