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The importance of visuals in a blog post cannot be overstated. There’s a reason that sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Behance are so popular; why Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn have changed their formats to feature large images. Interesting photographs, colorful illustrations, infographics and video draw the viewer in and make he or she curious about the content. As early readers, we liked books with big pictures and few words. Why? Because images engage the imagination differently than written words.

I’m sure that most of us, having read a book and seen the movie based on that book, have a stronger memory of the movie’s aural and visual presentation than we do of just the written words. Movies provide a winning memory combination of written and visual content.

ARGO, the movie, was based on an article that appeared in WIRED Magazine. Which do you think most people would remember most vividly: The Godfather book or The Godfather movies (#1, #2, #3); Forrest Gump the book or Forrest Gump the movie?

If we haven’t seen the movie, we only know and remember the book. But often once we see the movie, our movie memory supersedes that of the book.

But don’t use just any image in your content marketing. “Stock-y” -looking images get overlooked. Worse, the viewer may think the content is stock, too…and not of relevant interest to them. Use visuals that are thought-provoking, “eye-catching,” and entertaining. Get creative when you select the visual – choose an image that is out-of-the-ordinary…maybe even something you’ve photographed, drawn or videotaped yourself. Think about manipulating the image, with an app like PicMonkey (there’s a free version) to add new colors or textures; a border or drop shadow.

Often, it may take almost as long to choose the right image as it does to create a post. But the effect can be well worth it.

What type of visual would you have selected for this post?

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