Scaling Social Media: Best Practices From The World’s Most Social Brands

Yesterday, Sprinklr released a new eBook, “Social@Scale: Best Practices from the World’s Most Social Brands” and I was fortunate to be one of the 20+ contributors.  Below is a look at my submission:

Out of the 60,000-plus employees working for SAP around the world, about 1,400 of us are in marketing and only about a dozen of us are on our core “Social Media Strategic Services” team. Our team is a part of the larger “Digital, Social and Community” team and functions as a “center of excellence”; responsible for training and enablement, governance, strategy and management of the official social media brand channels, and monitoring and tools.

Overall, one of the things I am most proud of is the work done to build communities that foster audience engagement and brand advocacy.  A prime example is our SAP Community Network (SCN), that brings together more than 2 million customers/end users, consultants, employees, etc.  This ever-growing community is continuously creating content in the form of blogs, discussions, etc that helps establish thought leadership, customer feedback, support and innovation. 

These community discussions/forums are fantastic for product support — often you can get answers here faster than anywhere else.  In addition, our willingness to create an open dialogue while creating a positive community experience results in our members becoming strong brand advocates.   In most cases these advocates have become our first line of defense in social media when inaccurate information is shared or attacks on our brand/products occur. 

One of our biggest challenges for scaling social media has been in upskilling the various teams throughout the organization who have varying degrees of skills/experience.   To address this, we have been cultivating “champions” across the company and investing in them through a hub and spoke model to share best practices and create a feedback loop.  We continue to create playbooks around core topic areas (governance, listening, channel management, lead gen, etc) as a means of disseminating this knowledge.

At the heart of all our efforts is the goal of creating consistent messaging/experiences throughout all of our social media channels while growing our audience and cultivating true engagement.

For those, interested in checking out the other submissions from peers from organizations such as Intel, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco and Citi you can download the eBook here.

I would love to hear from you.  What do you think are the biggest challenges with scaling social media?

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