So Who Says that Telemarketing is Outdated?

So Who Says that Telemarketing is Outdated? image So Who Says that Telemarketing is OutdatedSo Who Says that Telemarketing is Outdated?Let me ask you a question. Why do you think telemarketing is still needed nowadays particularly in this digital age? Is not all the social media stuff going on adequate to keep customers purchasing from you again and again? The answer is—negative.

Have you realized that human communications are still far more receptive as compared to those electronic correspondences such as emails and stuff?

I read somewhere that the most inexpensive way to make sure that the customer will come in (particularly for local businesses) is still that influential human voice at the end of the line asking about the client or customer, caring for the customers’ needs, etc. It can in fact take some time before the business leader or manager could see the real benefits and understand how essential it is making regular calls to their potential and existing clients. There’s a lot of powerful proof from large and reputable business organizations vouching for the fact that telemarketing really still does work and it’s not outdated like what others think.

And yes, it still works very well.

Okay, let’s say a dentist who spends money on pricey dental advertising would find lack of earnings especially in a sluggish economy. Nevertheless, hiring a person, even just for part-time assistance, in order to contact patients reminding them it’s time for a check up would eventually generate more income than the cost of hiring that telemarketer.

Reasons for Outsourcing Telemarketing, or Using an Automated Service:

  1. By making use of automated services or outsourcing telemarketing, not only will you get to save on hiring, training and supervising expenses, but you’ll also get to save on your taxes.
  2. Employing external telemarketing services, mainly automating, becomes far less costly in actual dollars spent per hour, however let’s say that even it becomes totally expensive, due to the stress involved in maintaining the telemarketers on the job, it’s still worth it having someone on the job at all times even minus your presence.

So, there you go–get those calls made, and whoever said that telemarketing is outdated, needs to get out of his cave.

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