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A successful company recognizes the customer as the focal point of their business. A customer driven organization has the ability to better understand and deepen its relationship with its prospects and clients, Save Money with Integration  image Screen Shot 2013 07 17 at 11.02.03 AM 300x240Save Money with Integration inevitably leading to overall growth.

With so many tools claiming to increase productivity, increase revenue and grow your business, you would think that everyone would be achieving success all the time. However, what these tools fail to accomplish is the one thing that truly helps a business stay on track and increase efficiency. That one thing is called, integration.

Integrating the core aspects of any business, which in most cases is sales and marketing, ensures consistency, efficiency, and overall productivity between the two facets. Using multiple nonintegrated platforms results in duplicated data, inconsistencies, and higher overhead costs. By integrating CRM (Customer Relations Management) with other operations such as email marketing, social media, marketing automation, project management, websites, analytics, and more allows a company to utilize all data to create effective strategies that target the appropriate audience.

Investing in one platform provides both the sales and marketing teams a single reliable source of data, which can also be accessed internally throughout the corporation. As the customer experience becomes increasingly important, it is critical that both sales and marketing can monitor each and every touch point that they have with their leads and clients.

Having a marketing automation feature built in to your CRM, as well as website tracking, and predictive analytics is like having the Holy Grail at your fingertips. Being able to identify what content is attracting consumers, seeing WHO is spending time there is crucial in developing an effective, efficient, and directed online marketing strategy.

Marketing ultimately results in sales, so why shouldn’t the two be connected? Marketers are able to track the effectiveness of their campaigns, and sales people can easily view where their leads are in the sales process, as well as obtain a clear understanding of what their current challenges and needs are.

Integration is the next wave, and there are only a few software companies out there that have really jumped on the bandwagon.

For too long, companies have had to rely on a number of different platforms to meet all of the needs of their daily operations. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive, and as start- up or SME, Small to Medium sized Enterprise, overhead costs must be eliminated or greatly reduced to allow for maximum profitability.

It is no surprise then that we are seeing more and more businesses looking for a more integrated solution to meet their businesses’ needs.

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