Samsung Reveals Its New Smartwatch

    By Jen Cohen Crompton | Small Business

    Samsung Reveals Its New Smartwatch image Engadget Samsung Smartwatch 300x178Samsung Reveals Its New SmartwatchSamsung recently made its entree into the wearables world as it revealed its newest product, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is the company’s spy watch…er, smartwatch that has made it onto the scene amongst a lot of buzz, excitement, and speculation.

    The specs

    The watch face measures .63-inches and features a 320 by 320 pixel touchscreen with a stainless steel frame, rubber watchband that comes in a variety of colors, and a metal clasp. Overall, it is a slick looking device and the face can be changed using skins, but I wouldn’t label it as “fashionable” and the camera on the outside of the band is a bit intrusive to the style.

    Beyond looks, the capabilities include an operating system that is activated through a constant Bluetooth sync to another Samsung Galaxy device (such as the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, or Galaxy S III), a 1.9-megapixel sneaky camera built into the band, and a hidden microphone and speakers.

    The function

    The face of the watch features the time when not being accessed, and is activated through motion or its touchscreen capabilities. For example, when raising your arm, the watch detects that you may wish to take a photo and will automatically switch to photo mode. When using the touchscreen and swiping, the display shows information, such as the weather, in the form of cards, much like what you would see if you were using the Google iOs app.

    With another swipe, you can access the apps, which are the meat and potatoes of the product. As of now, the apps are limited to ten at any given time due to its 4BG storage limit, but it is reported that the Gear will have more than 70 apps including Pocket, Path, Evernote, RunKeeper, and eBay to choose from. You can add and change the apps featured on the watch using the app manager on the paired device. Analysts hope that the most frequently used apps will eventually become available through this platform. Here is a keyword cloud of the social sentiment:

    Samsung Reveals Its New Smartwatch image smartwatch 300x274Samsung Reveals Its New Smartwatch

    Final sentiment

    Overall, the smartwatch looks pretty good and the idea has been exciting to the tech world for quite a bit. With other prototypes and products that have already hit the market, it seems that no one product is really taking us by storm.

    The Galaxy Gear is facing some negative feedback with its initial launch, but it seems most are still exploring the idea of a smartwatch and don’t have too much to compare it to in the moment. Post the anticipated and rumored launch of Apple’s iWatch, it may be a different story.

    Check out Engadget’s video review:

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