Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Hit The Shelves On September 2014

    By Priya Madhavi | Small Business

    Expectation from Samsung’s next generation phablet i.e. Galaxy Note 4 is really high resulting in the cyber space to be bombarded with rumors, updates and news on it. Galaxy Note 3, Note 4’s predecessor was a really cool phablet which has floored millions of consumers from all around the world. It’s being more than six month to the release of Note 4, therefore news regarding the release of the next generation Note series phone is popping up on the web. Specially, after the release of Galaxy S5, the next on Samsung queue is Note 4 and that’s why techies from all around the world are eyeing on it.

    Traditionally Released on September

    If we follow Samsung’s trend, then we will see that in the past few years Samsung has preferred IFA trade fair hosted in Berlin, Germany for launching Note series phablet. So this year as well we are expecting Samsung to follow suit and release the gadget in the same event and the same venue. This year IFA trade fair is going to be hosted from 5th to 10th September in Berlin and Samsung will launch Note 4 during this event reports

    Strategic Timing

    Another reason cited in for the release of Note 4 in September, 2014 is that all the flagship smartphones of 2014 are due for release in the third quarter of the year, therefore Samsung is surely going to make the best utilization of this opportunity to market its flagship product. It is true that Note 4 is going to come with killer specs that have not been used in any gadget till now. By highlighting and promoting such features Samsung Note 4 is surely going to curve out a niche for itself in this competitive market.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Hit The Shelves On September 2014 image note4Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Hit The Shelves On September 2014

    Market Demand

    Recent statistics state that the market for phablet is on the up, especially in the Asian mobile market demand for phablet is in height. Hence, when it hit the shelves in September with its chic and sleek look and cutting edge features, then it is surely going to lure a lot of potential buyers. Samsung’s marketing analysts are definitely going exploit this fact and chalk out the best plan for giving its next generation flagship gadget the best exposure amidst the cut throat competition.

    As far as the price of Note 4 is concerned, suggested that the price hike would not be unexpected. Note 3 came with a price tag of 730$ and in the course of time its price has dropped considerably. Keeping that in mind, we are expecting Note 4 to come with a price tag of 750$, which is definitely a nominal hike from its predecessor. Therefore, Note 4 will be well within the budget of potential buyers.

    That’s all about the release date of Galaxy Note 4. We will keep updating more news on this gadget as and when we come to know of it from authentic sources and reputed tipsters. So stay tuned with us and share your view as well.

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