Samsung Beats Out Apple In Smartphone Customer Loyalty

    By Sarah Harris | Small Business

    In order for any business to be successful, obtaining customer loyalty is key. According to many business experts, some of the ways that business owners can make that happen is by providing great customer service, creating forums where consumers can communicate (by email, phone or mail) and also by creating a comfortable environment for their staff members to be thoroughly trained; this prepares them to be of great assistance to the customers that they serve.

    Well, it would appear that when it comes to customer loyalty in the field of consumer electronics, Samsung has come out on top. According to the 2013 Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index, a survey that was released by Brand Keys (a brand research consulting company), after 39,000 people across the United States were polled, they are 95 percent confident about the results: Samsung is currently the consumer’s favorite in the areas of flat screen televisions and cell phones.

    If you’re not someone who makes a habit of following this kind of data, you may think “That’s nice, but what’s the big deal about Samsung being number one?” Good question. You see, in times past, Apple has been the leader in customer loyalty for so long that it has almost been assumed that they were unstoppable. So, to see that Apple is now in the second position (and according to Brand Keys’ president Robert Passikoff, they are trailing significantly behind), that speaks somewhat to how consumers feel about the Samsung brand vs. Apple’s. It means that although Apple does produce a wonderful product (and that’s probably a bit of an understatement), any company has room for improvement and can be challenged by other competitors.

    It wasn’t only Samsung that delivered Apple with a bit of disappointing news. Reportedly Amazon’s Kindle followed by Barnes & Noble’s Nook put Apple in third place in the e-reader category. Although, in looking at this category from a broader perspective, it may be due to the fact that the majority of iPad owners do not probably classify it as being an actual e-reader but simply a general kind of tablet.

    Still, with Amazon not holding the first place ribbon in these categories and tying with Samsung when it comes to laptops, this shows Apple that they actually are one to be contended with while also reminding us that Samsung does hold a larger share of the marketplace.

    Plus, numbers don’t lie and so even with all of the press that Samsung has gotten about going to court with Apple over things like patent disputes and although Apple seems to come out with a new iPhone on a quarterly basis, there is still something about Samsung’s marketing, innovativeness and quality of their products (along with how they treat their customers) that many individuals are very happy with.

    Apple probably never thought they’d see the day when improving customer loyalty was something that they would need to be taught rather than teach, but it would seem, at least for this year, that the time is now.

    And Samsung, their top marketplace rival, just may be the company to do it.

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