Sales Tip: The Myth of the “Old Boys Club”

“It didn’t used to be like that….”

That’s what someone told me in a meeting yesterday. Here’s what I’m talking about:

He was referred to me by a friend and client in my favorite business master-mind group here in Dallas, that meets twice a month. We talked about how quickly my business and opportunities have grown since I moved here just over a year ago.

I mentioned that shortly after moving here, someone said to me, “Dallas is the kind of city that will give anyone a chance.” I mentioned that remark to my new client yesterday, and he said, “That’s very true – but it didn’t used to be that way.”

I have to admit, I have a hard time believing that, and here’s why:

The Myth of the “Old Boys Club”

If you know much about my background, you know I’ve moved around a lot. And everywhere I moved, I was told I wouldn’t succeed, because I wasn’t tied into the “old boys club.”

When I moved to Hawaii for a couple of years in the early 1990s, I was told no one would do business with me because I was a “haole” from the mainland.

I did well enough to get by. Granted I was young and dumb and still cold calling back then, but I paid the bills and got by.

When I moved from there to Las Vegas, I was REALLY warned about the Old Boys Club! In fact, Las Vegas is notorious for having one. Nevertheless, I not only succeeded there, I succeeded wildly in sales, and developed the principles that now make up the Never Cold Call Again system.

It happened again every time I moved. But here’s a dirty little secret I’m going to let you in on:

There is no “Old Boys Club!”

And one more thing:

The myth of the “Old Boys Club” is a self-limiting belief – an EXCUSE for people to be lazy and explain away their own failures!

This talk about any “Old Boys Club” or “Old Boys Network” is a total myth and you should never, ever believe it!

The Infamous Sales Rut

Self-limiting beliefs cause failure, and failure begets more failure. There’s a myth that repeated rejection will “steel” you and cause you to become immune to it, but research in the science of social dynamics shows that the exact opposite is true: Rejection actually beats you down until you are subconsciously afraid to talk to people.

Some call it “Call Reluctance.”

I call it the consequence of cold calling. If you’re out making cold calls and getting the 97-99% rejection rate that goes with it, you’re programming your subconscious mind to fail. And once you get into THAT kind of rut, it’s tough to get out of. I know because I’ve been there.

So, for immediate and startling success in sales, follow these two simple rules:

1. Always remember that there’s no “Old Boys Club” in your city. Anyone who tells you that is either trying to cover up for their own failures, or wants to prevent you from succeeding. Remember, “misery loves company.”

2. Stop cold calling – forever! Cold calling is exactly the kind of activity that will harm your inner self-confidence and cause you to radiate failure, instead of radiating success. It’s the very cause of so-called sales ruts.

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