Safety Again In The Spotlight For NASCAR (Infographic)

    By Chris Beck | Small Business

    Safety again has become a major concern for NASCAR. Drivers and fans alike have suffered injuries this season, and a wreck earlier this month at a dirt track in New Jersey tragically claimed the life of popular part-time NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jason Leffler.

    But just how dangerous is NASCAR at its top levels? The answer could surprise you. No one has died as a result of a crash in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race since Dale Earnhardt in February 2001. Since Earnhardt’s death, safety improvements such as head restraints, protective seats and soft walls have protected drivers. Even the most violent crashes at its speedways rarely result in serious injuries.

    Fans, meanwhile, might be scared by the liability waivers on the back of tickets for events. That disclaimer is there because of the possibility of a loose bolt or other car part flying into the stands. In the past 30 years more than 150 fans have been injured at tracks – but many have come from things NASCAR has no control over such as lightning or overpass collapses or television cables snapping.

    Bottom line: Top-line NASCAR tracks are safer for drivers and fans than conventional wisdom might have you believe.

    As a result we created an Info-Graphic on the most dangerous tracks in NASCAR which can be seen below:

    Safety Again In The Spotlight For NASCAR (Infographic) image nascar2Safety Again In The Spotlight For NASCAR (Infographic)

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