In Russia, supermarket checkouts will read emotions to offer personalized deals

Supermarkets are already making moves to personalize discounts according to individual user behavior, but now Russia-based marketing tech company Synqera wants to bring emotion detection to checkouts to offer timely promotions based on shoppers’ real-time feelings.

The company has developed a platform called Simplate, which involves touchscreen tablet-like devices placed at till cashier desks and self-service checkouts. When shoppers go to pay, facial recognition technology automatically scans the store’s loyalty scheme database for their details, locating purchasing histories and other personal data to provide special offers and rewards tailored to the individual at that moment. The sensors can also detect the emotions of consumers through their facial expression and can use this data when choosing to offer discounts – targeting shoppers at times when a small boost might improve their mood and help them feel more sympathetic towards the brand. The information gathered at the checkout point provides retailers with greater insight about their consumer base and can help them target ads at individuals either through their phone or digital billboards as they’re exiting the store. The video below shows the Simplate tablets in action.

Synqera recently announced that it is rolling out a trial of its products at the Ulybka Radugi cosmetics chain in Russia, but has also recently set up a New York office and is bullish on its plans to bring facial recognition technology to the US. Could we be seeing personalized prices in supermarkets sooner than we think?


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