Rugged, solar-powered laptop is designed for developing countries

    By Tom | Small Business

    We’ve already seen how solar power and practical design have allowed the Earl become a suitable tablet for outdoors use, and now the SOL laptop is also utilizing solar panels to create a computer that can be used even in the most remote environments.

    Developed by Canadian tech R&D firm WeWi, the SOL is robustly designed to survive the conditions of rural locations, encased in reinforced material to allow for rough handling. The laptop comes pre-installed with the free open source operating system Ubuntu, as well as a range of programs and apps, meaning users can begin work the first time they power up the computer. Although the SOL can be connected to AC power, it also comes equipped with fold-out solar panels that offer a full battery in any location. For those in developing countries where there are regions without access to mains electricity, this feature could prove vital for emergency services, businesses and schools who need a laptop to carry out their work.

    Retailing at USD 350, the SOL is as affordable and powerful as other discount laptops on the market and WeWi hopes to continue to bring this price down even further in the future. Could we soon see solar capabilities introduced on other electronic equipment?


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